• Don’t

    October 8, 2020 by

    Don’t ever meet your audience Don’t ever do it

  • Side Notes

    September 20, 2020 by

    As it were, distractions seem to get in the way. At a halt, discretized norms are a form of intolerance, which is intolerant. Better propellants.

  • September 19, 2020 by

    Stay cool, honeybun.

  • Time Flows Backwards

    November 18, 2019 by

    ^ | | | | <———— it goes this way | | | |past |______________________________________________________future_____>

  • November 18, 2019 by

    To hide it from others One must hide it from oneself

  • October 2, 2019 by

    Always know what to do.

  • October 2, 2019 by

    My words must accommodate my capacity, not my ideals.

  • Perceptions as Representations

    September 13, 2019 by

    Originally posted on Beyond Bounds:
    Sense-perception has always been an interest of the philosophers. A prominent problem is the problem of perception, which is created by the ideas of illusion and hallucination: if it is possible to have this sort of error, how can perception be what we understand it to be? When we reflect…

  • Placebo Effect

    September 12, 2019 by

    The placebo effect is canonically described as false positives. But it can also be false negatives. I.e. the medication has the power to overcome a bad attitude. QED

  • ADD and Algorithms

    September 12, 2019 by

    A.D.D. is just a breadth-first algorithm in humans Don’t be biased. Bedankt voor het denken!

  • The Money-Value Relationship

    September 9, 2019 by

    These are just notes, which I may turn into an essay at a later day. I wanted to jot them down before I forgot. Proceeding: If food is more nutritious at the same price, people would need to eat less of it and have more with less money. If entertainment gives a better high at… Read more

  • September 8, 2019 by

    Time to sell my wheat futures ETF shares!

  • Working Title: The Bid-Ask Spread

    August 26, 2019 by

    This will be a spot for notes which I hope to turn into an essay explaining the vacuous term “market forces” and shining light on cliche, non-explanations of how the stock market works (just the basics). Once you learn that the market price of a stock (also called an “equity”) is the mean between the… Read more

  • August 23, 2019 by

    Sex is just a form of negativity.

  • Resistance

    August 19, 2019 by

    Isn’t being a part of The Resistance, um, to resist? Ω

  • Conspiracy Theory: Supercomputer “Downtime”

    August 17, 2019 by

    Track supercomputer down time. Track suspicious use of supercomputers. They’re false. The supercomputers were using personal computer use data–including facial recognition and vibrational sensors in computers–to find everyone’s weakness and bully them in it after analysis. I could go on pages about it, but the analysis includes all sorts of things like mood analysis and… Read more

  • Efficiency

    August 17, 2019 by

    Efficiency isn’t about more power, bigger. It’s an intra-class term.

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